Fantasy Miniature Strategy Game and OCRPG.

the story
Forge Your Own Destiny

After harnessing the magic of the Spirit Well the inhabitants of Indagar threw the world out of balance. By consuming the Well’s raw energy they become stronger, faster, smarter, prolonging death and escaping its grasp altogether. Now the natural force of the undead known as the Reaper has risen from the spirit world with the sole purpose of restoring balance for the both the living and the dead. With the Reapers, destruction follows. Now the once stable republic that governed over Indagar lays in ruin…

Learn more about the compelling story and Chronicles Season One: The Ashes of Konagara.

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the people
A land of many, divided

The land of Indagar was wild and uncivilized for thousands of years. Upon discovery, foreign ships arrived bringing a great era of expansion. A Republic was founded, uniting the foreigners with the native peoples and setting the course for peace and prosperity over the next thousand years.

By playing Chronicles: The Game you will have the opportunity to field great and powerful armies chosen from many nations. Be sure to join Chronicles Online to become a leader of Indagar, drive the story, conquer foes and fulfill your destiny…

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Game Play
Easy to play, difficult to master

Chronicles: The Game is a 32mm-scale, tabletop miniature strategy game set in the the fantasy land of Indagar, where you field your army of miniatures against your opponent in immersive battles and scenarios. Chronicles features fast-paced gameplay and a unique combat system that allows your models to be played as flexibly as you want while still functioning like a cohesive force.

The game scales from small to large games, and has a number of unique features that set it apart, including: living rules, a custom d10 system, dynamic unit formations, faster play with less math, and the first of it’s kind Online Community Role Playing Game.  

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Chronicles Online
Be a part of building the story

Chronicles Online is a living, thriving community of players that have taken the plunge into the full story-driven world of Indagar. It is the world’s first Online Community Role Playing Game (OCRPG.)

Chronicles Online builds a unique, immersive experience on top of the tabletop game. You can participate in your faction’s leadership, driving the decisions that directly affect the battles you face on the table, forging the political future of Indigar, or undermining and sabotaging opposing factions. You can also share artwork and stories you’ve produced with the community, establish sanctioned blogs, vlogs, fansites, and podcasts, and be recognized by your peers for your talents and efforts. Through your participation, you will earn real rewards including exclusive access to miniatures and bonuses for you and your faction.

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Standard vs. Online

There are two ways to play Chronicles: you can choose the Standard format, where all models, upgrades, relics, and options are available to you. Or, you can choose the Chronicles Online format, where your options are limited by the events of the story and the decisions of your factions leaders.


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    Full Options

    In a Standard game, there are no restrictions on the way your build your army. All options are available to all players.

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    Standard Missions and Scenarios

    In a Standard game, you’ll select from a number of predetermined missions and scenarios in the core Chronicles ruleset.

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    All Gamers Welcome

    This format is built for any and all players, regardless of their skill level or experience with Chronicles. This is great for pick-up games, weekend play, practice games, and events. This is Chronicles: The Game.


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    Story-Driven Options

    Army construction is determined by the current story line, recent faction events and choices, and your account status

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    Story Missions and Scenarios

    The world of Chronicles Online is alive and new events are unfolding every day. Game play and unique missions rules reflect the current climate of the story, including faction wide buffs and account-specific changes.

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    This format is built for Chronicles Online players to engage eachother in an immersive, narrative driven format where the environment, army construction, and special rules change based on recent events.

Amazing Miniatures


Lord Commander


All of our miniatures are made of high quality, single-piece resin ready to be played as soon as you open the box. Paint them or don’t, the choice is yours!
Check out all of our minis here!

Current Playable Factions

The Great Forest Tribes

Reclusive, enigmatic, and fiercely independent, the Great Forest Tribes inhabit the Great Forest, a vast and dark wood in the center of the continent, surrounded by an imposing mountain range known as the Spine. The isolation of the mountains and forest hides an innumerable patchwork of Tribes, people who have banded together within the forest to carve out a living among nature.

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The Kingdom of Arkland

Arkland is a Faction that maintains a powerful, professional Army. With access to great wealth, Arkland marches to war with professional soldiers, equipped with the best plate armor and steel that money can buy. The powerful Arkland Heavy Cavalry has won many battles with just a single, well-armored, charge. The organized, armored march of the Army of Arkland drives fear into forces of their enemies.

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The Ramal Nations

The Ramal Nations, built around major rivers or an oasis, is the home to the great Ramaltas, a group of aristocrats born of the desert peoples who control the majority of the wealth in those city states. When going to war, they tap into their vast wealth to raise mercenary armies and hire the darkest of mages.

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Seasons in chronicles

Chronicles: The Game plays out over the course of seasons, where the leaders of factions make strategic decisions for their armies, and the story unfolds in support. Each season includes epic battles and narrative, as well as specific quests and seasonal rewards.

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    The Road to War

    Faction leadership is convened to make decisions on the direction for their people. They will choose to engage the enemy across a number of hot zones, with different risks and rewards in the balance.

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    The Story Unfolds

    Once the direction for each faction is determined, the story line for the season will be written in kind. Major events and story arcs will begin to unfold, with a living story that twists and turns based on the players and games.

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    Risks and Rewards

    As battles are waged and won (or lost), faction wide rewards will be unlocked. Sometimes this is new formations or relics, and other times it will be buffs or debuffs based on the ongoing encounters.

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    Season Results

    At the end of a season, the results of all the games are calculated and awards are divided up across the factions. Did your King lead your people to great victory? Or were his decisions proven to be too risky. Seasonal rewards will include limited models and additional spoils of war.

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