Arkland is a vigorous and powerful feudal nation, served by a well-trained professional military and the magic-wielding Priesthood of Light. Since the fall of the Republic, their forces stand as some of the mightiest on Indagar, although only time will tell if they can defend the title.

Arms and Banners

Arkland’s great wealth of resources and mercantile trade allow the baronies to afford a standing professional military, comprised of banners raised by individual nobles. Although often engaged in internal struggles for power, at the call of the King or one of the higher nobles, these banners unite into a formidable army, led by experienced battlefield commanders and headed by the thunderous charge of armored cavalry.

The Light of Arkland

The coming of native magic users to Arkland is a recent phenomenon, but one that is the source of much national pride and reverence. These feelings coalesced over time into the Priesthood of Light, which trains Arkland’s mages as wielders of Light Magic, in devotion to their goddess and in service to their nation. Although some nobles resent the growing power of the Priesthood, none refuse its potent aid on the battlefield.

Lord Commander

Martin consulted the map before him, comparing the terrain to the known position of the enemy’s forces. “Baron Laurent cannot move that many horses through the woods,” he noted. “But he knows we hold the roads. His only hope is to split off his cavalry and attempt to circle around our position. A bold move, and one that could ruin us…if we do not make ready. I want our best sentry patrols posted here, here and here. The moment they hear hoofbeats, send me word. I shall ride against Laurent’s elite myself.”

Warriors of the Realm

Jacques shivered in his armor, despite the heavy metal and the summer heat. Surely to stand here and await a charge was madness! Though he had trained long and hard to earn the baron’s pay, he was still a stableboy at heart, and did not feel ready for battle. Yet as he viewed the ranks of soldiers armored in Arkland steel standing all around him, he drew courage from how calm they looked. “It may be that they are all as afraid as me,” he thought to himself. “In their armor I cannot see it, and neither can the enemy. I shall be like the steel, then, and I will not show weakness.” He readied his weapon, and prepared to receive the charge.


“Warriors of Arkland!” Marion cried. “You stand at the borders of our kingdom, looking out beyond our lands! You may fear the blades of the enemy beyond, knowing not their numbers in the darkness. But I say to you, the sun touches all lands, and the light shall reveal their weakness. Fear not!” With this last word, she unleashed the power of her magic, and a blazing light shone over the enemy camp, highlighting it for the archers in the Arkland lines. Though distant, the gleam was enough to dimly highlight the bared teeth in her smile as the arrows rained down.

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