great forest clans chieftain

January Progress Update

great forest clans chieftainWe’re making some really serious strides with this game. First, and foremost, we’ve changed the name to Chronicles. Each version, or season, of the game will have an additional subtitle, something like Chronicles: Ashes of Konagara. I think this will give us a repeatable, memerable name while also giving us the opportunity to add some unique flavor to it.

Next, we’ve revised the dice system a bit. Dice now have 7 possible symbols: sword, double sword, shield, double shield, skull, double skull, exclamation mark. We’ve also gotten rid of the yellow die, and have replaced “Hindered” with a forced re-roll of successes. One less dice, which should hopefully bring overall dice costs down.

Great Forest Clans has been completely overhauled, and there are some really great, extremely flavorful rules for them now. If you’re interested in GFC, check them out on the Rules wiki.

We’ll be holding our next alpha test on Feb 11th, so look for additional updates following the play test event.

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