July and August, Progress and News

Forest-Clans-02This summer has been hot, but luckily the heat and/or humanity (haha!) hasn’t stopped Neil and I from being incredibly busy on the game. Let’s see, where to begin…

We’ve got miniatures back from the painter! He’s asked not to be named (ooo, mysterious!) but this guy is awesome. I can’t wait to get more models in his hands. I’ll include some pictures towards the bottom of this update, so that everyone can bask in their glory.

We’ve got our second wave of miniatures in transit right now! Don’t ever let anyone tell you that getting a game built is easy, particularly dealing with vendors around the world. But we’re persevering, and have actually found a potentially new and awesome partner for model creation that we will talk about once it’s official. In either case, the next minis we’ll have in person are: Bear Shaman, Werebear, Scout Cavalry, Lord Commander, Paladin, Berserker, and Sergeant. That rounds out our initial starter box models, nearly prepared for Kickstarter!

Speaking of the starter box, we’ve gotten all our vendors lined up for all the pieces that will be included: unit cards, command tokens, dice, the box and packaging itself, and of course the models. So things are looking good on that front.

We’ve tidied up the Rule Book a ton! It is now in a much more digestible order (in my opinion), starting with how you’d actually set up to begin playing a game, rather than dumping a thousand rules on you before you even have a mini on the table. We’ve gotten some very positive feedback, and will be continuing to refine it. We’re also working on a PDF version, for folks that want a more traditional “book” feel, that should be wrapping up in the next week. If you’d like an advance copy, just let me know and I’ll share the link.¬†

We’ve continued to refine the actual game play throughout this beta period, and we’re now in awesome shape. The game plays FAST. We’re just about 2¬†hours for a normal sized game, which was our target, and that is still not at “tournament” pace. So we’re feeling really good about this.

On the OCRPG, we’ve started development on all of the account settings, triggers, data points, that will make this living RPG come to life. This is something I’m incredibly excited about, and I got to share some of that excitement with people at the NOVA Open this weekend. I think every single person I talked to was immediately on board with the idea, being able to contribute in hugely meaningful ways as you play the game, or interact with the community in non-playing ways like writing, painting, blogging, etc. The OCRPG is really the meat of this whole project, and as we continue to set things in stone (read: code), we’ll be releasing more and more information about this. What you need to know, in one statement: you can be the King of Arkland, and each season, you will convene with the other faction leaders to determine which battles to fight, which lands to invade, and your decisions will have real impacts on the week-to-week mission parameters and army rules. It’s going to be AWESOME.

A quick interlude to show you some pictures:










I love how these guys turned out. They all have an individual feel, but look fantastic all set up on the table. I’ll be grabbing some additional pics over the next few days, with my brand new (fairly ghetto) light box! It’s amazing what 10 dollars worth of foam board, tissue paper, and duct tape can do.

OK More updates!

We’re getting our Press Kit together, so that we can begin reaching out to bloggers and podcasters. If you happen to be one of those things, and want an exclusive first look interview with Neil and/or I, reach out! We’d be happy to give you the scoop. We’re also getting some teaser videos together, for more marketing material, that I’ll be posting as soon as they are ready.

We’ve got the first few sign ups for our tournament later this month. Reminder: If you think you are awesome at finding the power combinations in a game, or you just want to come play a new mini game and drink some adult sodas, sign up and come out! It should be a great event, there is no entry fee, and you will get fed and potentially win some cash. Here’s the flier with more details:


And with that, I’ll be off! We’ve got so much going on, I hope I covered everything. Please reach out if you are interested in beta testing, want to join the tournament, or just want to know more details than I can fit on this page. Excitement is building!


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