March Progress Update, Part 1

Female-Warrior---IllustrationWe’ve had another very successful round of play tests, and will be conducting one final alpha test before moving in to beta. We stayed in alpha a little longer than we expected, to iron out a few final kinks and make sure this game is not only really fun (it is) but also runs really smoothly and meets/exceeds player expectations. The last area we’re tweaking right now is around expected death rates for miniatures. In a lot of games, it is pretty low, and both Neil and I have found the grueling 5+ round combat stalemate to be pretty terrible. So in our game, much like on the battlefield we are emulating, when you hit a guy in leather armor with a giant broadsword, he gon’ die. What we’re working out, though, is just HOW fast they die. Currently, it might be a little too fast. So we’re theorizing some ways to bring that death rate down, including adding wounds, reducing dice symbols, or maybe even adding a defense roll separate from the attack roll. We will make a decision and play it out this week, following up with an open play test the week after.

We’ve also begun working on a new mission. Mission design is going to be really valuable to us, not only for the structure of the tabletop game itself, but also to tie in the story-line campaign elements with actual game play. The new mission combines claiming terrain coupled with a capture-the-flag element, and was both challenging and bloody in our first test. Both good things, in my opinion!

While the game design is going full steam, and we are preparing to move from Alpha into Beta, the struggle is real with trying to get miniatures created. We’ve spoken with a number of companies that are focused on creating miniatures for games, and the results have been fairly underwhelming. We’ve also started branching into talking to groups that just do resin casting or injection-molding, and we’re seeing a little bit of interest there, but obviously the level of expertise and precision is still up in the air. So the struggle continues…

If you know of someone/some business that wants a very large miniature project to take on, let us know ASAP. We’re talking 1,000-2,000 miniatures to start for demo purposes, plus another 20,000 more once the Kickstarter is funded.

Look out for another update in mid-March, mostly around our decision on lethality in the game, and the next steps for our closed beta.

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