May and June, Progress and News

It’s been a bit, and we’ve been busy. Here’s a whole ton of updates on our progress as we get closer to our kickstarter…

minis_arrived1. We have minis! Like actual, physical, amazing, beautiful minis! Our first 5 models, straight from the caster, arrived in early June, and this was one of the most exciting developments of our game. It is just incredible to hold them in my hand, and now to start playing with them. We’ve got a lot of them over at the painters, but we’ve got enough to actually use them for testing. This first run includes Great Forest Clans Chieftain, Warrior, and Wildguard, as well as Kingdom of Arkland Warriors of the Realm (both male and female versions). They are resin very, very detailed. They are also pretty resilient, which I love. Oh, and they are single-piece casts! No assembly required! I can’t tell you how excited that makes me. We still have plans for eventual multi-part kits for the hobbyists out there, but our starter boxes are going to be ready-to-play as soon as you purchase them.

2. Closed BETA starts this month! We’ve got a couple remote groups, and our stable core users, who are all going to be joining the closed beta testing group. If you or your friends are interested in being a part of this, please let us know. The goal for this stage of beta is very different than the alpha. In alpha, we wanted to make sure we had a fun game that worked mechanically. In this first stage of Beta, we’re going to be working on balance, faction specific rules, missions, power curves, and overall enjoyment and playability of the game. This includes a lot of work on the rulebook, which is already ongoing. If you haven’t read it recently, check it out:

3. Rulebook changes: We’ve done some major pruning and clean up to the rulebook, with much more expected as we go into the first rounds of beta testing. In particular, we have GREATLY refined the way that combats are formed, making it way easier to eyeball it without having to iterate through a series of steps. This fundamental rule of DUF construction is critical to our game behaving uniquely and awesome, so we wanted to make sure it was easy to understand for gamers of all levels.

4. World Building: We are continuing to expand the world and lore of Indagar, focusing primarily on our core starter factions of Great Forest Tribes and Kingdom of Arkland. We’ve got a ton of content added to the wiki, and we’ll be continuing to expand and build out the world throughout the beta process. We would LOVE input on this; creating a beautiful, realistic, immersive world is going to be critical for the RPG aspect of our game, so the most energy we put here, the more we think our players will put in themselves. We want world building to be collaborative, not authoritative. Build the world with us!

dice5. OMG DICE. Not only did we get our first set of miniatures, but we also got over 5,000 dice! These are custom d10s in 6 different color/pattern combinations. Our custom d10s are another core differentiator and really important part of our game. It greatly reduces the amount of record keeping and repetitive rolling that is common in most games, while still providing an engaging mechanic to help players feel involved with each action taking place on the tabletop. The dice came out awesome, and we will be providing some to our closed Beta testers, to support their efforts playing out the game.

image-16. Minis are being painted, and they look incredible. We’ve been lucky enough to find a few amazing painters that were interested in painting up our original demo armies for us, and they are just amazing to see. They are still in progress, but the results so far take the tangible excitement of having models to the next level. Seeing them on the tabletop will fully realize this dream that Neil and I have had for over a year now, and further incentivize us to get them in front of as many potential players as possible.

7. Web App work: One of our biggest efforts over the last two months has been on our web application. It will be critical to have this thing up and humming, as our core goal with Chronicles is to engage players both on AND off the tabletop. Having an Online Community RPG (OCRPG) driven by our amazing social and political systems, bolstered by an art and media piece, as well as army building and battle reporting tools, is going to take this game to the next level. Or next 10 levels, really. Nothing like this has ever been attempted in the history of tabletop (or even video) gaming, and I can’t wait to show our beta testers how awesome the app is.

concept_well8. Concept Art: We’re still churning out concept art, but are also looking for additional artists that want to join the team. Freelance, Student, whatever position you’re in, we’re looking for awesome artists who can help visualize the awesome fantasy world we’re building. Characters, environments, illustrations, everything. Inquire within.

Phew, that is a lot! We are committed to getting this game out into the public by early 2017, and this summer/fall are going to be VERY busy. Look for more updates coming out, and follow us on Twitter (@chroniclesminis), Facebook ( and Instagram (

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