November and December, Progress and Updates


Having this original artwork commissioned for the game has been a long road, but it is probably one of my favorite things about this game. We’ve got a pretty good amount of amazing artwork from our different sources, but the primary one has been this awesome illustrator named Simon, who’s done pieces like the one above. He has been awesome to work with, so a mini-shout out here, because I appreciate the awesome designs he’s doing.

On to the updates!

We’ve been working on a lot of marketing material so that we can start spreading the word and getting some hype train (choo choo) going for this game ahead of the New Year. Our goal is to launch our kickstarter in late Q1, but we won’t fire things off until we have a decent sized community on Facebook, Instagram, and via email list, so that we can be confident in a full backing. So, to that end, we’ve been working on some brochures that describe different aspects of the game, we got some awesome banners printed, we’ve been doing a lot of work on getting the website in tip-top shape, we’ve been taking lots of pictures of minis, all in an effort to create additional collateral. We’ve also started reaching out to blogs and podcasts to see if they will interview us about the game, so hopefully you’ll hear Neil, Chip, or Kasey on a podcast near you.

As part of our marketing, we’re going to start heading out to local game stores to just sit down and play a game, and see what kind of interest we get. On our list of stores right now are Huzzah Hobbies, Dream Wizards, and Eagle and Empire. If theres another store you’d like to see us swing by, let one of our team know, as well as the best “miniatures” night.

We’ve also started getting introductory art for the Ramal Nations (formerly known as the Sultanates) because we think it’s going to be a pretty important part of the kickstarter, most likely as a stretch unlock, but something we can at least show off a little bit about. And of course, we have included ways for them to be included in Season 1, assuming that stretch goal is unlocked.

Speaking of Season 1, Neil and Jordan have been doing a ton of work on flow charting how the season will unfold, with decision points and goals that will be really engaging for all types of players, from competitive folks to fluff writers to artists. We think this game is really going to change the way people think about tabletop gaming, and we’re getting more enthusiastic by the minute as we chart out how Season 1 could unfold (with YOUR participation, of course!)

With that, I hope everyone has a happy holiday season, and look out for our next update!

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