September and October, Progress and News

We’ve had a bit of an inside joke on the Chronicles team in the past few months, saying “the train is leaving the station.” What we mean by that is: we are determined to take this amazing idea and make it a reality, and we encourage everyone to get on board, but ultimately the train will depart with or without you. I say this because I want everyone reading this (hi, Mom!) to know that this project is real, is building great momentum, and we want anyone who is interested in being a part of it to know that there is room on the train, just shout!

With that said, let’s talk about some updates!

First up, artwork! We’ve been working on building up a lot of art work, with the understanding that this is critical for helping to flesh out the world of Indagar. We’ve been fortunate to work with some great people, both internally on the Chronicles team, but also in the freelance community, to turn around some fantastic work. Here’s a few examples:

The City on the Lake

King’s Crossing

The West Gate



The Ruins of Konagara



Some eye candy, for sure. We’re continuing to build out both the wiki and our art assets to really refine and fill the world of Indagar. We’ve got a lot of effort being put into the wiki right now, editing and expanding, and think that it won’t be long till we’ve got our first HBO deal ;).

Next update, Marketing! I’ve set October as our month to prepare for marketing: we’re working on brochures, a press kit, some awesome new videos, and finishing up details on the website all in a push to begin marketing at the end of October. We had originally wanted to start Oct 1, but it turns out that making videos takes some time! We’re in great shape to begin later this month, however, and I look forward to getting on podcasts and blogs near you to talk about the game.

Videos: We’re working on a series of videos to market the content, and we’re also preparing for a more regular video stream where we discuss the game, story, and interact with players. I think this is going to be a pretty amazing way to reach out to the community that we’re building, but do have a question for all of you: Twitch? Facebook live? Youtube live? There are more options than ever before in the livestreaming space, so I want to know what are people leaning towards? I’ve always liked Twitch, but am sure there are a few opinions out there.

So let’s talk about models! We’ve gotten all of our starter box miniatures back from the casters, and they look so good! We’re also getting additional miniatures painted, so here’s some eye candy on that:


Just straight fierce, right? Wave 2 models are heading to the painters this week, and you can expect to see our full starter armies on the tabletop at your local game store soon, as we start to take this show on the road.

So those are the big updates right now, I hope that the excitement is continuing to build as we’re progressing. Reach out if you’re interested in helping to test, or have other ideas about getting involved in the game. As we build our community of players, a community around the game construction itself will be critical, and we want to foster that in any way that we can.

Look out for more updates next month!

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