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Indagar is the continent of the world on which the story of Chronicles unfolds. It is in the northern hemisphere of the globe and just north of the equator with the southern shores skirting the equatorial lines. The geographic diversity of Indagar spans from the deserts of the Sand Seas to the thick Great Forest.

Map of Indagar

Basic Geography

The western portion of the continent is mostly made up of hills, fertile lands, and some deciduous forests. This stretches from the west coast all the way to the Spine. The northern coast of Indagar experiences higher seasonal swings than the south, with sometimes cold, snowy winters as well as milder summers. The southern portion of the western portion is believed to be swampy, infertile land, and is left mostly unexplored.

The Spine is the major geological formation of the continent providing a circular mountain chain which encases a basin. Thought to once have been a massive volcano, the area within the Spine is now known as the Great Forest, an area of thick woodlands which stretches overly nearly a quarter of the continent.

To the south east is the Sand Ocean and Sand Seas. At the south eastern tip is a mountain chain which provides a massive rain shadow which causes that area of the continent to be a sandy desert. However, each season, massive rains from the south arrive to dump huge volumes of water on those mountains which drains into the rivers that sustain life within the desert. The Sand Ocean is a large strip of sand which runs from the eastern coast to the southern tip of the Spine and is an approximately one-hundred mile wide strip of desolate sand dunes -- uninhabitable.

Between the Spine and the eastern shores is the plains, seemingly endless swathes of steppe-land. This land experiences dramatic seasonal changes and weather variations from biting colds to extreme heats. Large weather patterns such as tornadoes also regularly form here. These grasslands are mostly rolling hills as far as the eye can see.

The eastern coast of Indagar is dominated by the Bay of Kings. Here the climate is much more temperate, offering a forests, rolling hills, and rich farmland.

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