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The Online Community RPG (OCRPG) is a term coined by the creators of Chronicles as a way to put a name to the concept that is Chronicles Online. The core concept of the OCRPG is to provide a place for players to connect with each other through a social-styled platform so that individual players can take on the role of characters within their chosen Faction. From there, using the OCRPG platform, players can then help dictate the story of Chronicles as it unfolds from season to season, participate in the decision making process which drives the story and effects game play, and contribute in a meaningful way to the success of their Faction through gathering resources, participating in battles, and even becoming elected officials.

Great Forest Tribes

How an OCRPG Works

Players will be able to establish accounts via the Chronicles Online platform. From there, players will assume the role of a character within the Chronicles Faction of their choice. As an account holder, the player represents a person of designation within the Faction, perhaps a Chieftain, a Lord, or maybe a Captain within a Ramal Nation.

Once that is established, the player can then start to connect with other players from around the world using the Social platform. The Social platform acts as a social media outlet, allowing players to communicate via feeds, channels, and topics by creating posts, attaching images, and tagging their communications.

Beyond that, a player can then participate in bolstering his own holdings as well as those of his Faction by participating in gathering critical resources and badges by participating in various aspects of the OCRPG. This ranges from a system of gathering actual resources such as Gold and Spirits to having their miniature artwork being voted as a weekly fan favorite and thereby gaining a badge for their account, or by playing the Chronicles miniature game and reporting their games to determine how well a Faction is doing against other Factions overall. This level of community participation is unprecedented, and also, it represents the power that a Faction within the story line holds as the game progresses.

As a player participates in the community, the player's account is rewarded with higher levels which also thereby contribute to the overall health of the Faction. The player also receives benefits to his or her account, allowing for the actual strategy game of Chronicles to be modified in a story-driven and interesting way should they choose to play Chronicles using the Chronicles Online Game Mode.

To cap it off, the Chronicles OCRPG uses a political system in which elected officials for each Faction, real players who are elected by the players within their Faction to office, make grand decisions about the direction their Faction will take as the story line unfolds from season to season.

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