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Chronicles Core Rules

The Core Rulebook will describe to you how to put your Chronicles armies on the table-top and play a game of Chronicles.

The Core Rulebook is a living document, meaning that as rules are changed, clarifications made, or updates added, the WIKI will reflect those changes. Therefore, you can come back here at anytime to get updates or to check on rules.

Visit the Rule Updates page to see the list of Updates that have occurred over time and to see what has changed since the last time you were here.

Rules by Section

The Rulebook is broken up into the following sections. To learn to play, simply navigate to the first section and then click through to the next section on that page. For veteran players, you can simple click on a section to jump right to it.


  1. Getting Started: Basics
  2. Playing a Game
  3. Models
  4. Battles
    Take the Field - Take control of the battlefield to demoralize and rout your enemy.
    Attack and Defend - Classic attack and defense as the attacker attempts to break the will of the enemy by raising his flags on their turf.
    No Man's Land - Scramble to secure Artifacts in the field between two armies.
    Raid - One side is attempting to burn the supply caches of another.
    Sustained Attack - An outnumbered defending force attempts to hold ground against the onslaught of an attacker.
    Pitched Battle - Two armies collide in a battle to the death.
    All Out Assault - Two armies attempt to take charge of the battlefield and drive their opponent into the dirt.
  5. Terrain
  6. Phases
  7. Special Rules
  8. Chronicles Online Game Mode
  9. Example Game Turn
  10. Addendum