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Welcome to the Chronicles WIKI and Online Rulebook!

Chronicles is a fantasy, miniature, strategy game and Online Community RPG in which players represent Factions which were once apart of a now fallen republic, as they vie for a place in the post-Republic fantasy land of Indagar. Chronicles not only brings the fun and excitement of miniature strategy gaming, but it also provides a living, rich story which you can help build through your games and exploits along with everyone else in the world using the Online Community RPG platform.

The Chronicles Wiki and Online Rulebook

The Chronicles wiki is the home for all things lore in Chronicles. The wiki provides a deep dive into the history of Indagar, details the people and cultures found therein, and provides the ongoing archive for the Chronicles story as it unfolds over time. As a wiki format, it makes reading through, searching for, and generally exposing the Chronicles lore an entertaining and easy to manage experience.

The Online Rulebook provides the living ruleset for the Chronicles strategy game. The wiki is the authority source for the most up to date Chronicles rules. Again, in a wiki format, this allows players to very quickly search for and drill through terminology and rules of the game. Although miniature rulebooks for Chronicles will be released each season containing the most up to date rules at that time, the wiki will continue to grow and be modified throughout a season, providing any new rules or clarifications as Chronicles flourishes.

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